Infection ControlCleanliness is paramount to the health and safety of staff, visitors and patients. Below you'll find everything you need to ensure you offer everyone on your site peace of mind against infection.

Designed to combat a range of acquired infections including MRSA, HIV, Norovirus, Staph Aureus, Hep B and H1N1 amongst others, our range features products from leading brands including Medipal, Ecolab, GOJO and Deb.

Visit our CQC Essentials page for products to help meet your CQC requirements.

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Hand Sanitisers
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Reduce the spread of bacteria by promoting the use of hand sanitisers throughout the building with bed, desk and wall-based sanitisers.
Surface Wipes
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Our range of convenient and hassle-free surface wipes include leading brands Medipal, Clinell along with our own Williams brand.
Hand Washing
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Arguably the most basic infection control measure, hand washing is vitally important. Our range features products from Gojo, Purell and more.
Surface Spray
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Control the spread of infection by ensuring surfaces are properly cleansed. Our range of surface sprays include popular brands Clinell and Hydrex.
Face and Body Cleansing
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Reducing the need for bowls. soap and water, our range of hygienic medical wipes offer patient comfort, convenience and peace of mind.
Hand Care Systems
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Our range of convenient and high-performance systems from Tork, Purell, Gojo and Cutan are suitable for clinical and public areas.
Hand Moisturisers
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Repeated hand washing can take its toll on your skin. Our range of skin conditioners and moisturisers has been developed to offer protection from harsh environments.
Hard Surface Cleaners
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Featuring tablets, fluids, sprays and wipes, we've collected all of our hard surface and instrument cleaning products in one convenient place.
Spill Kits
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Having a spill kit to hand is the best preparation for dealing with biohazards including blood, urine and vomit and other hazards such as cytotoxic drugs or mercury.
Equipment and
Workstation Cleaning
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Studies have shown that workstations can harbour 400 times more bacteria than toilets. Ensure your work areas are hygienic with our range of cleaning products.
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Our selection of accessories includes wastebins, aprons and disposable curtains all designed to reduce the prevalence of harmful bacteria.
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Good quality signage helps ensure that staff, visitors and patients are made aware of infection control procedures and hazards that may exist in your workplace.