The Paper ZoneWe've partnered with leading brands including Tork and Northwood Hygiene Products to develop a selection of couch rolls, wiper rolls, paper towels and tissues for use in most healthcare environments.

Our comprehensive range includes wall dispensers designed to control use and minimise waste.

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For the Treatment Room
View our selection of paper products ideal for use in general practice.
For the Restroom
View our selection of hand towels and toilet rolls suitable for bathrooms.
For Cleaning
A selection of paper products suitable for general-purpose cleaning tasks.

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Couch Rolls
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Hand Towels
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We've gathered all our best-selling customer favourite couch rolls, hand towels and tissues together in one place.
We have a wide range of couch roll and wiper rolls from Northwood Hygiene and Tork. These rolls vary in length from 40 to 56m.
Our selection of hand towels from Northwood and Tork includes items suitable for roll and sheet-feed dispensers to suit all budgets.
Toilet Tissue
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Paper Dispensers
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Our toilet tissues include traditional rolls and bulk rolls to suit a range of dispensers and environments from leading brands including Velvet.
Suitable for use in a range of areas including treatment rooms, reception desks and for domiciliary visits.
Our large selection of paper dispensers includes units for use in restrooms, treatment areas and janitorial rooms.

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Paper Tips
  • Call them what you will - Couch Rolls, Wiper Rolls, Hygiene Rolls, Blue Rolls, Bed Rolls or even Paper Rolls - they're essential for use across the surgery.
  • Good perforations are fundamental in ensuring that each sheet tears accurately, reducing waste.
  • Our range includes 1, 2 and 3 ply products are - the more layers, the better the absorbency.
  • Embossed products are more absorbent and softer leading to improved patient comfort.
  • Our products are individually wrapped for ease of transport, storage and use.

We make sure that our Couch Roll prices are kept low because we understand that they are a staple item for any practice.

If you find them cheaper elsewhere, please let us know and we'll beat any other price!