NEW ComfiSpec® Supply for CervicalCheck Members

Fannin LogoFannin Direct, powered by Williams Medical, are proud to be the new supplier of Vaginal Speculum to members of the National Cervical Screening Programme from 1st February 2017.

The National Screening Service (NSS) launched CervicalCheck - The National Cervical Screening Programme in September 2008. CervicalCheck is an organised, population-based, quality assured cervical screening programme.

The successful introduction of an organised, well-managed, national cervical screening programme has the potential to reduce current incidence rates from cervical cancer among women in Ireland by up to 80%. The most recent statistics for cervical cancer in Ireland are provided in the Cancer Factsheet - Cervix of the National Cancer Registry Ireland (NCRI).

CervicalCheck has developed and maintains the secure Cervical Screening Register with the details of eligible woman aged 25 to 60 nationwide.

Now, in its 9th Year, Fannin Direct will be supplying practices all across Ireland with the bestselling brand of Specula in the UK, ComfiSpec®.

About ComfiSpec®

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Designed for the discerning medical professional, ComfiSpec® is a high-quality, reliable disposable vaginal speculum which offers great value for money and predictable performance. Featuring an optimum 38 degree opening angle, textured and frosted handle for superior grip and control. ComfiSpec® also has a predictable fail safe feature outside the patient and a fast-acting locking mechanism for reduced procedure durations and less patient trauma.

How can I purchase ComfiSpec® under the CervicalCheck Programme?

Firstly, you must be an eligible member of the CervicalCheck Screening Programme to get the ComfiSpec® at the reduced rate.

If you are a member, then all you need to do is to activate your online account! Just complete the form below and you can start ordering straight away. If you already have a Fannin Direct Account Number (CF-xxxx) and an online login, ComfiSpec® will already be available to purchase under the scheme. Alternatively, call us on 01 5133 222 and we'll be happy to help!

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